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Star Wars: The Old Republic Craft Companion Materials: Archaeology - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy - Investigation - Scavenging - Treasure Hunting - Underworld Trading
Missions: Archaeology - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy - Investigation - Scavenging - Slicing - Treasure Hunting - Underworld Trading
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Underworld Trading Mission Details

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Level: 10 · 17 · 25 · 33 · 41 · 49
Faction: Neutral Republic Imperial
Worth: Moderate Abundant Bountiful Rich Prosperous Wealthy
NameCostTimeGradeTypeWorthYield 1Yield 2Yield 3Yield 4Yield 5
A Slight Lean14500:06:0010?Abundant4 Terenthium    
A Slight Lean (crit)14500:06:0010?Abundant6 Terenthium3 Agrinium   
Business Opportunity11500:06:0010?Moderate2 Terenthium    
Business Opportunity (crit)11500:06:0010?Moderate4 Terenthium2 Agrinium   
Dangerous Pastimes23000:04:0010?Bountiful2 Rank 1 Gift (Green)    
Dangerous Pastimes (crit)23000:04:0010?Bountiful2 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Disruptive Behaviour27500:08:0010?Bountiful6 Shadowsilk    
Disruptive Behaviour (crit)27500:08:0010?Bountiful8 Shadowsilk4 Cyrene Silk   
Fighters for Sale9500:03:0010?Moderate1 Rank 1 Gift (Green)    
Fighters for Sale (crit)9500:03:0010?Moderate1 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Fueling Dissent27500:08:0010?Bountiful6 Shadowsilk    
Fueling Dissent (crit)27500:08:0010?Bountiful8 Shadowsilk4 Cyrene Silk   
Highest Bidder9500:03:0010?Moderate1 Rank 1 Gift (Green)    
Highest Bidder (crit)9500:03:0010?Moderate1 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Organ Transplant29500:04:0010?Rich1 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Organ Transplant (crit)29500:04:0010?Rich1 Rank 1 Gift (Purple)    
Overthrowing The Tyrants23000:04:0010?Bountiful2 Rank 1 Gift (Green)    
Overthrowing The Tyrants (crit)23000:04:0010?Bountiful2 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Poaching12000:03:0010?Abundant2 Rank 1 Gift (Green)    
Poaching (crit)12000:03:0010?Abundant1 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Shady Deal29500:04:0010?Rich1 Rank 1 Gift (Blue)    
Shady Deal (crit)29500:04:0010?Rich1 Rank 1 Gift (Purple)    
Stolen Masterpieces11500:06:0010?Moderate2 Shadowsilk    
Stolen Masterpieces (crit)11500:06:0010?Moderate4 Shadowsilk2 Cyrene Silk   
A New Market28500:05:0017?Abundant2 Rank 2 Gift (Green)    
A New Market (crit)28500:05:0017?Abundant1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
Crackdown47000:05:0017?Bountiful2 Rank 2 Gift (Green)    
Crackdown (crit)47000:05:0017?Bountiful2 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
Dangerous Merchants (110B)41000:11:0017?Prosperous4 Mullinine2 Alusteel2 Lashaa Silk2 Shimmersilk1 Rank 2 Gift (Green)
Dangerous Merchants (110B) (crit)41000:11:0017?Prosperous6 Mullinine3 Alusteel6 Lashaa Silk3 Shimmersilk1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)
Double-cross64000:12:0017?Rich8 Lashaa Silk    
Double-cross (crit)64000:12:0017?Rich10 Lashaa Silk5 Shimmersilk   
Enticing Ejro23000:04:0017?Moderate1 Rank 2 Gift (Green)    
Enticing Ejro (crit)23000:04:0017?Moderate1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
Forging Alliances64000:12:0017?Rich8 Mullinine    
Forging Alliances (crit)64000:12:0017?Rich10 Mullinine5 Alusteel   
Golden Aim (110P)72000:22:0017?Wealthy8 Mullinine4 Alusteel4 Lashaa Silk8 Shimmersilk1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)
Hijacker Ambush30500:10:0017?Abundant4 Lashaa Silk    
Hijacker Ambush (crit)30500:10:0017?Abundant6 Lashaa Silk3 Shimmersilk   
Mandalorian Mercenaries64000:12:0017?Rich8 Mullinine    
Mandalorian Mercenaries (crit)64000:12:0017?Rich10 Mullinine5 Alusteel   
Mysterious Offer27500:08:0017?Moderate2 Lashaa Silk    
Mysterious Offer (crit)27500:08:0017?Moderate4 Lashaa Silk2 Shimmersilk   
New Deal56000:06:3517?Rich1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
New Deal (crit)56000:06:3517?Rich1 Rank 2 Gift (Purple)    
No Hutts Allowed47000:05:0017?Bountiful2 Rank 2 Gift (Green)    
No Hutts Allowed (crit)47000:05:0017?Bountiful2 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
One Last Job34000:10:0017?Abundant4 Mullinine    
One Last Job (crit)34000:10:0017?Abundant6 Mullinine3 Alusteel   
Pirate Queen64000:12:0017?Rich8 Lashaa Silk    
Pirate Queen (crit)64000:12:0017?Rich10 Lashaa Silk5 Shimmersilk   
Playing Both Sides25500:05:0017?Abundant2 Rank 2 Gift (Green)    
Playing Both Sides (crit)25500:05:0017?Abundant1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
Sord Trunnel56000:06:3517?Rich1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
Sord Trunnel (crit)56000:06:3517?Rich1 Rank 2 Gift (Purple)    
Ungo the Hutt22000:04:0017?Moderate1 Rank 2 Gift (Green)    
Ungo the Hutt (crit)22000:04:0017?Moderate1 Rank 2 Gift (Blue)    
Working for the Kubaz26500:08:0017?Moderate2 Mullinine    
Working for the Kubaz (crit)26500:08:0017?Moderate4 Mullinine2 Alusteel   
Archaeological Payoff57500:20:3625?Abundant4 Dramassian Silk    
Archaeological Payoff (crit)57500:20:3625?Abundant6 Dramassian Silk3 Killik-silk   
Completing the Collection (175B)69500:24:2425?Prosperous4 Xonolite2 Krayt Dragon Scales4 Dramassian Silk2 Killik-silk1 Rank 3 Gift (Green)
Completing the Collection (175B) (crit)69500:24:2425?Prosperous6 Xonolite3 Krayt Dragon Scales6 Dramassian Silk3 Killik-silk1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)
Elusive Prey42500:07:3525?Moderate1 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Elusive Prey (crit)42500:07:3525?Moderate1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Fancy Flying93500:22:0025?Bountiful6 Xonolite    
Fancy Flying (crit)93500:22:0025?Bountiful8 Xonolite4 Krayt Dragon Scales   
Human Trafficking96500:23:1225?Bountiful6 Dramassian Silk    
Human Trafficking (crit)96500:23:1225?Bountiful8 Dramassian Silk4 Killik-silk   
Illicit Indulgences80500:11:3625?Bountiful2 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Illicit Indulgences (crit)80500:11:3625?Bountiful2 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Maintaining the Edge55000:19:2425?Abundant4 Xonolite    
Maintaining the Edge (crit)55000:19:2425?Abundant6 Xonolite3 Krayt Dragon Scales   
Major Straken39000:07:0525?Moderate1 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Major Straken (crit)39000:07:0525?Moderate1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Nemoidian Cowardice39000:07:0525?Moderate1 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Nemoidian Cowardice (crit)39000:07:0525?Moderate1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Paid Protection51000:15:1025?Moderate2 Dramassian Silk    
Paid Protection (crit)51000:15:1025?Moderate4 Dramassian Silk2 Killik-silk   
Quashing the Rebels87000:12:1225?Rich1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Quashing the Rebels (crit)87000:12:1225?Rich1 Rank 3 Gift (Purple)    
Quick Exit48000:10:1825?Abundant2 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Quick Exit (crit)48000:10:1825?Abundant1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Rodian Greed47000:14:1025?Moderate2 Xonolite    
Rodian Greed (crit)47000:14:1025?Moderate4 Xonolite2 Krayt Dragon Scales   
Shady Science78000:11:0025?Bountiful2 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Shady Science (crit)78000:11:0025?Bountiful2 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Spice Inflation46000:09:4225?Abundant2 Rank 3 Gift (Green)    
Spice Inflation (crit)46000:09:4225?Abundant1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Supplying the Resistance47000:14:1025?Moderate2 Xonolite    
Supplying the Resistance (crit)47000:14:1025?Moderate4 Xonolite2 Krayt Dragon Scales   
Taking Down a Rival111500:25:3625?Rich8 Dramassian Silk    
Taking Down a Rival (crit)111500:25:3625?Rich10 Dramassian Silk5 Killik-silk   
The Business of Safety (175B)69500:24:2425?Prosperous4 Xonolite2 Krayt Dragon Scales4 Dramassian Silk2 Killik-silk1 Rank 3 Gift (Green)
The Rodian's Revenge (175P)122000:48:4825?Wealthy8 Xonolite4 Krayt Dragon Scales8 Dramassian Silk4 Killik-silk1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)
Think Again111500:25:3625?Rich8 Dramassian Silk    
Think Again (crit)111500:25:3625?Rich10 Dramassian Silk5 Killik-silk   
Undercutting the Empire87000:12:1225?Rich1 Rank 3 Gift (Blue)    
Undercutting the Empire (crit)87000:12:1225?Rich1 Rank 3 Gift (Purple)    
A Noble's Ransom (250B)112000:47:2833?Prosperous4 Titanium2 Neuranium4 Septsilk2 Rodian Flame Silk1 Rank 4 Gift (Green)
A Tiny Cut88000:35:4233?Abundant4 Septsilk    
A Tiny Cut (crit)88000:35:4233?Abundant3 Rodian Flame Silk6 Septsilk   
Access Allowed77500:26:4833?Moderate2 Titanium    
Access Allowed (crit)77500:26:4833?Moderate4 Titanium2 Neuranium   
An Unhealthy Loan140500:23:4433?Rich1 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
An Unhealthy Loan (crit)140500:23:4433?Rich1 Rank 4 Gift (Purple)    
Back-alley Bartering88000:35:4233?Abundant4 Titanium    
Back-alley Bartering (crit)88000:35:4233?Abundant6 Titanium3 Neuranium   
Banned Beasts66500:16:2733?Moderate1 Rank 4 Gift (Green)    
Banned Beasts (crit)66500:16:2733?Moderate1 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Crossing the Line125000:19:2233?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Green)    
Crossing the Line (crit)125000:19:2233?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Detour117500:18:3333?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Green)    
Detour (crit)117500:18:3333?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Double Exposure159000:40:0833?Rich8 Septsilk    
Double Exposure (crit)159000:40:0833?Rich10 Septsilk5 Rodian Flame Silk   
May The Best Cheater Win (250P)196501:34:5633?Wealthy8 Titanium4 Neuranium8 Septsilk4 Rodian Flame Silk1 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)
Overpossessive150000:38:4433?Bountiful6 Septsilk    
Overpossessive (crit)150000:38:4433?Bountiful8 Septsilk4 Rodian Flame Silk   
Political Favors159000:40:0833?Rich8 Titanium    
Political Favors (crit)159000:40:0833?Rich10 Titanium5 Neuranium   
Rebel Ordnance71000:17:0933?Abundant2 Rank 4 Gift (Green)    
Rebel Ordnance (crit)71000:17:0933?Abundant1 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Stimulating Business (250B)112000:47:2833?Prosperous4 Titanium2 Neuranium4 Septsilk2 Rodian Flame Silk1 Rank 4 Gift (Green)
The Spice of Life125900:19:2233?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Green)    
The Spice of Life (crit)125900:19:2233?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Too Hot to Handle141000:37:0633?Bountiful8 Titanium    
Too Hot to Handle (crit)141000:37:0633?Bountiful4 Neuranium8 Titanium   
Tribute140500:23:4433?Rich1 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Tribute (crit)140500:23:4433?Rich1 Rank 4 Gift (Purple)    
Trust Issues117500:18:3333?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Green)    
Trust Issues (crit)117500:18:3333?Bountiful2 Rank 4 Gift (Blue)    
Working the Market88000:35:4233?Abundant4 Septsilk    
Working the Market (crit)88000:35:4233?Abundant6 Septsilk3 Rodian Flame Silk   
A New Home119000:49:0441?Moderate2 Quadranium    
A New Home (crit)119000:49:0441?Moderate4 Quadranium2 Promethium   
Ancient Armament220000:57:2041?Bountiful6 Quadranium    
Ancient Armament (crit)220000:57:2041?Bountiful8 Quadranium4 Promethium   
Arbitration215000:55:4441?Bountiful6 Vine-silk    
Arbitration (crit)215000:55:4441?Bountiful8 Vine-silk4 Saava Silk   
Behind Imperial Lines202500:30:2441?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Behind Imperial Lines (crit)202500:30:2441?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Blockade Run243001:00:4841?Rich8 Quadranium    
Blockade Run (crit)243001:00:4841?Rich10 Quadranium5 Promethium   
Denied (300P)257001:54:4041?Wealthy8 Quadranium4 Promethium8 Vine-silk4 Saava Silk1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)
Feeding the People215000:55:4441?Bountiful6 Quadranium    
Feeding the People (crit)215000:55:4441?Bountiful8 Quadranium4 Promethium   
For the Troops243001:00:4841?Rich8 Vine-silk    
For the Troops (crit)243001:00:4841?Rich10 Vine-silk5 Saava Silk   
Hide in Plain Sight220000:57:2041?Bountiful6 Vine-silk    
Hide in Plain Sight (crit)220000:57:2041?Bountiful8 Vine-silk4 Saava Silk   
Imperial Joyride119000:49:0441?Moderate2 Vine-silk    
Imperial Joyride (crit)119000:49:0441?Moderate4 Vine-silk2 Saava Silk   
Incriminating Footage202500:30:2441?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Incriminating Footage (crit)202500:30:2441?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Into the Sabacc Pit113500:27:0441?Abundant2 Rank 5 Gift (Green)    
Into the Sabacc Pit (crit)113500:27:0441?Abundant1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
One-Sided Relationships113500:27:0441?Abundant2 Rank 5 Gift (Green)    
One-Sided Relationships (crit)113500:27:0441?Abundant1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Overdue129000:52:3241?Abundant4 Vine-silk    
Overdue (crit)129000:52:3241?Abundant6 Vine-silk3 Saava Silk   
Passing On the Business129000:52:3241?Abundant4 Quadranium    
Passing On the Business (crit)129000:52:3241?Abundant6 Quadranium3 Promethium   
Questionable Content102000:25:2041?Moderate1 Rank 5 Gift (Green)    
Questionable Content (crit)102000:25:2041?Moderate1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Secret Vices202500:30:2441?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Secret Vices (crit)202500:30:2441?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Uplifting Spirits102000:25:2041?Moderate1 Rank 5 Gift (Green)    
Uplifting Spirits (crit)102000:25:2041?Moderate1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Winning Ace (300P)257001:54:4041?Wealthy8 Quadranium4 Promethium8 Vine-silk4 Saava Silk1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)
Winning Ace (300P) (crit)257001:54:4041?Wealthy10 Quadranium5 Promethium10 Vine-silk5 Saava Silk1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)
A Better Life222500:36:0049?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
A Better Life (crit)222500:36:0049?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Assemble Your Team170001:02:2449?Moderate2 Ciridium    
Assemble Your Team (crit)170001:02:2449?Moderate4 Ciridium2 Mandalorian Iron   
Breaking In170001:02:2449?Moderate2 Nanosilk    
Breaking In (crit)170001:02:2449?Moderate4 Nanosilk2 Denebrillan Star Silk   
Consolidation170001:02:2449?Moderate2 Ciridium    
Consolidation (crit)170001:02:2449?Moderate4 Ciridium2 Mandalorian Iron   
Desperation170001:02:2449?Rich2 Nanosilk    
Desperation (crit)170001:02:2449?Rich4 Nanosilk2 Denebrillan Star Silk   
Fair Play212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Fair Play (crit)212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Hijack (340P)311502:24:0049?Wealthy8 Ciridium4 Mandalorian Iron8 Nanosilk4 Denebrillan Star Silk1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)
Hijack (340P) (crit)311502:24:0049?Wealthy10 Ciridium5 Mandalorian Iron10 Nanosilk5 Denebrillan Star Silk1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)
Intellectual Property (340P)311502:24:0049?Wealthy8 Ciridium4 Mandalorian Iron8 Nanosilk4 Denebrillan Star Silk1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)
Irreplaceable Parts212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Irreplaceable Parts (crit)212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Match Fixing212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Match Fixing (crit)212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Meds for Vets178001:12:0049?Abundant4 Nanosilk    
Meds for Vets (crit)178001:12:0049?Abundant6 Nanosilk3 Denebrillan Star Silk   
No Redeeming Value170001:02:2449?Rich2 Ciridium    
No Redeeming Value (crit)170001:02:2449?Rich4 Ciridium2 Mandalorian Iron   
Planting the Seeds212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Planting the Seeds (crit)212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Shattering Their Chains222500:36:0049?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Shattering Their Chains (crit)222500:36:0049?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Table Talk212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Table Talk (crit)212500:31:1249?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Vital Intel222500:36:0049?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Blue)    
Vital Intel (crit)222500:36:0049?Rich1 Rank 5 Gift (Purple)    
Well-Earned Rest178001:12:0049?Abundant4 Ciridium    
Well-Earned Rest (crit)178001:12:0049?Abundant6 Ciridium3 Mandalorian Iron   

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