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Star Wars: The Old Republic Craft Companion Materials: Archaeology - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy - Investigation - Scavenging - Treasure Hunting - Underworld Trading
Missions: Archaeology - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy - Investigation - Scavenging - Slicing - Treasure Hunting - Underworld Trading
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Underworld Trading Mission Details

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Grade: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9
Worth: Moderate Abundant Bountiful Rich Wealthy
Dangerous Pastimes22500:03:091Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 1 Blue
Dangerous Pastimes (crit)22500:03:091Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 1 Purple
Overthrowing the Tyrants22500:03:091Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 1 Blue
Overthrowing the Tyrants (crit)22500:03:091Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 1 Purple
Poaching22500:03:091Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 1 Blue
Poaching (crit)22500:03:091Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 1 Purple
Business Opportunity8000:01:401Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Terenthium
Business Opportunity (crit)8000:01:401Underworld MetalsModerate2-4 Terenthium, 25% Schematic: Force Initiate's Boots
A Slight Lean21000:01:401Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Terenthium
A Slight Lean (crit)21000:01:401Underworld MetalsAbundant3-6 Terenthium, 33% Schematic: Rugged Smuggling Bracers
A New Market38600:03:091Underworld MetalsBountiful3-6 Terenthium
A New Market (crit)38600:03:091Underworld MetalsBountiful4-8 Terenthium, 2 Agrinium, 33% Schematic: Sith Dueling Leathers
Shady Deal38600:03:091Underworld MetalsBountiful3-4 Terenthium
Shady Deal (crit)38600:03:091Underworld MetalsBountiful4-8 Terenthium, 2 Agrinium, 33% Schematic: Hardweave Leggings, 33% Schematic: Apprentice's Leggings
Organ Transplant60000:03:091Underworld MetalsRich5-8 Terenthium
Organ Transplant (crit)60000:03:091Underworld MetalsRich8-10 Terenthium, 3 Agrinium, 25% Schematic: Gunslinger's Boots, 25% Schematic: Rugged Smuggling Belt
Stolen Masterpieces8000:01:401Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Shadowsilk
Stolen Masterpieces (crit)8000:01:401Luxury FabricsModerate2-4 Shadowsilk, 14% Schematic: Dark Acolyte's Lower Robe, 14% Schematic: Commando's Boots
Highest Bidder21000:01:401Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Shadowsilk
Highest Bidder (crit)21000:01:401Luxury FabricsAbundant4-5 Shadowsilk
Disruptive Behaviour38600:03:091Luxury FabricsBountiful3-6 Shadowsilk
Disruptive Behaviour (crit)38600:03:091Luxury FabricsBountiful4-6 Shadowsilk, 2 Cyrene Silk, 33% Schematic: Agent's Gloves
Fueling Dissent38600:03:091Luxury FabricsBountiful4-6 Shadowsilk
Fueling Dissent (crit)38600:03:091Luxury FabricsBountiful5-6 Shadowsilk, 2 Cyrene Silk, 33% Schematic: Hardened Plastifold Gauntlets
Fighters for Sale60000:03:091Luxury FabricsRich4-7 Shadowsilk
Fighters for Sale (crit)60000:03:091Luxury FabricsRich7-10 Shadowsilk, 3 Cyrene Silk, 25% Schematic: Dark Acolyte's Robe, 25% Schematic: Agent's Pants
Golden Aim181600:03:362?Wealthy7-12 Lashaa Silk, 8-13 Mullinine, 4 Alusteel, 4 Shimmersilk, 2 Gift Rank 2 Purple, 14% Schematic: Mercenary's Belt, 14% Schematic: Traditional Nylite Lower Robe, 14% Schematic: Sorcerer's Lower Robe, 14% Schematic: Consular's Headgear, 14% Schematic: Traditional Nylite Headgear, 14% Schematic: Reinforced Battle Greaves
Golden Aim (crit)181600:03:362?Wealthy11-13 Mullinine, 11-12 Lashaa Silk, 6 Alusteel, 6 Shimmersilk, 2 Gift Rank 2 Purple, 33% Schematic: Laminoid Battle Armguards, 33% Schematic: Reinforced Chanlon Boots, 33% Schematic: Peacekeeper's Chestguard
New Deal62500:04:492Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 2 Blue
New Deal (crit)62500:04:492Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 2 Purple
Sord Trunnel62500:03:472Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 2 Blue
Sord Trunnel (crit)62500:03:472Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 2 Purple
Ungo the Hutt62500:04:492Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 2 Blue
Ungo the Hutt (crit)62500:04:492Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 2 Purple
Working for the Kubaz47500:02:312Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Mullinine
Working for the Kubaz (crit)47500:02:312Underworld MetalsModerate3-4 Mullinine
One Last Job69000:02:312Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Mullinine
One Last Job (crit)69000:02:312Underworld MetalsAbundant3-4 Mullinine
Playing Both Sides94600:04:492Underworld MetalsBountiful3-6 Mullinine
Playing Both Sides (crit)94600:04:492Underworld MetalsBountiful5-6 Mullinine, 2 Alusteel, 33% Schematic: Reinforced Battle Chestguard, 33% Schematic: Laminoid Battle Headgear
Forging Alliances124000:04:492Underworld MetalsRich4-8 Mullinine
Forging Alliances (crit)124000:04:492Underworld MetalsRich6-8 Mullinine, 3 Alusteel, 33% Schematic: Mercenary's Greaves, 33% Schematic: Tempered Laminoid Belt
Mandalorian Mercenaries124000:04:492Underworld MetalsRich5-8 Mullinine
Mandalorian Mercenaries (crit)124000:04:492Underworld MetalsRich6-7 Mullinine, 3 Alusteel, 33% Schematic: Blade Master Boots, 33% Schematic: Reinforced Battle Chestguard
Mysterious Offer47500:02:312Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Lashaa Silk
Mysterious Offer (crit)47500:02:312Luxury FabricsModerate2-3 Lashaa Silk
Hijacker Ambush69000:02:312Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Lashaa Silk
Hijacker Ambush (crit)69000:02:312Luxury FabricsAbundant5 Lashaa Silk
Enticing Ejro94600:04:492Luxury FabricsBountiful4-5 Lashaa Silk
Enticing Ejro (crit)94600:04:492Luxury FabricsBountiful5-7 Lashaa Silk, 2 Shimmersilk, 33% Schematic: Warlord's Headgear
Double-cross124000:04:492Luxury FabricsRich5-7 Lashaa Silk
Double-cross (crit)124000:04:492Luxury FabricsRich7-9 Lashaa Silk, 3 Shimmersilk
Pirate Queen124000:04:492Luxury FabricsRich4-7 Lashaa Silk
Pirate Queen (crit)124000:04:492Luxury FabricsRich6-9 Lashaa Silk, 3 Shimmersilk, 33% Schematic: Vagabond Boots, 33% Schematic: Jedi Sage's Boots
The Rodian's Revenge258600:08:383?Wealthy8-12 Xonolite, 8-12 Dramassian Silk, 4 Krayt Dragon Scales, 4 Killik-silk, 1 Gift Rank 3 Purple, 23% Schematic: Warrior's Pulsing Chestguard, 15% Schematic: Jedi Sage's Gloves, 15% Schematic: Channeler's Gloves, 7% Schematic: Jedi Sage's Lower Robe, 7% Schematic: Knight's Crusade Greaves, 7% Schematic: Chanlon Onslaught Chestguard, 7% Schematic: Blade Master Leggings, 7% Schematic: Reinforced Chanlon Chestguard
The Rodian's Revenge (crit)258600:08:383?Wealthy10-12 Xonolite, 9-12 Dramassian Silk, 6 Krayt Dragon Scales, 6 Killik-silk, 1 Gift Rank 3 Purple, 50% Schematic: Traditional Thermoweave Gloves, 50% Schematic: Plasteel Battle Leggings
Major Straken102500:03:203Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 3 Blue
Major Straken (crit)102500:03:203Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 3 Purple
Neimoidian Cowardice102500:03:203Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 3 Blue
Neimoidian Cowardice (crit)102500:03:203Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 3 Purple
Quashing the Saboteurs102500:03:203Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 3 Blue
Quashing the Saboteurs (crit)102500:03:203Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 3 Purple
Exchanging Supplies87500:01:433Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Xonolite
Exchanging Supplies (crit)87500:01:433Underworld MetalsModerate3-4 Xonolite
Rodian Greed87500:01:433Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Xonolite
Rodian Greed (crit)87500:01:433Underworld MetalsModerate2-4 Xonolite
Maintaining the Edge117000:01:433Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Xonolite
Maintaining the Edge (crit)117000:01:433Underworld MetalsAbundant4-6 Xonolite, 33% Schematic: Knight's Crusade Handgear
Fancy Flying150600:03:203Underworld MetalsBountiful3-5 Xonolite
Fancy Flying (crit)150600:03:203Underworld MetalsBountiful6 Xonolite, 2 Krayt Dragon Scales
Crackdown188000:03:203Underworld MetalsRich4-7 Xonolite
Crackdown (crit)188000:03:203Underworld MetalsRich9-10 Xonolite, 3 Krayt Dragon Scales, 50% Schematic: Channeler's Sash, 50% Schematic: Outcast Gauntlets
Elusive Prey188000:03:203Underworld MetalsRich5-7 Xonolite
Elusive Prey (crit)188000:03:203Underworld MetalsRich6-10 Xonolite, 3 Krayt Dragon Scales, 50% Schematic: Spec Ops Leggings
No Hutts Allowed87500:01:433Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Dramassian Silk
No Hutts Allowed (crit)87500:01:433Luxury FabricsModerate3-4 Dramassian Silk
Paid Protection87500:01:433Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Dramassian Silk
Paid Protection (crit)87500:01:433Luxury FabricsModerate3 Dramassian Silk
Archaeological Payoff117000:01:433Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Dramassian Silk
Archaeological Payoff (crit)117000:01:433Luxury FabricsAbundant5-6 Dramassian Silk, 33% Schematic: Channeler's Headgear
Human Trafficking150600:03:203Luxury FabricsBountiful3-5 Dramassian Silk
Human Trafficking (crit)150600:03:203Luxury FabricsBountiful5-8 Dramassian Silk, 2 Killik-silk, 16% Schematic: Channeler's Vestments
Double Identity188000:03:203Luxury FabricsRich4-7 Dramassian Silk
Double Identity (crit)188000:03:203Luxury FabricsRich7-9 Dramassian Silk, 3 Killik-silk, 33% Schematic: Jedi Sage's Gloves, 33% Schematic: Spec Ops Leggings
Taking Down a Rival188000:03:203Luxury FabricsRich5-8 Dramassian Silk
Taking Down a Rival (crit)188000:03:203Luxury FabricsRich7-8 Dramassian Silk, 3 Killik-silk, 50% Schematic: Knight's Crusade Headgear, 50% Schematic: Sith Combatant Vest
May the Best Cheater Win324600:06:094?Wealthy9-12 Septsilk, 9-12 Titanium, 4 Neuranium, 4 Rodian Flame Silk, 1-2 Gift Rank 4 Purple, 16% Schematic: Fortified Phobium Headgear, 16% Schematic: Lacqerous Battle Leggings, 16% Schematic: Ablative Resinite Boots, 16% Schematic: Ablative Lacqerous Headgear, 16% Schematic: Ablative Lacqerous Boots, 16% Schematic: Warlord Elite Boots
May the Best Cheater Win (crit)324600:06:094?Wealthy11-14 Titanium, 10-14 Septsilk, 4-6 Neuranium, 4-6 Rodian Flame Silk, 2-3 Gift Rank 4 Purple, 25% Schematic: Reinforced Phobium Chestguard, 25% Schematic: Traditional Demicot Sash, 25% Schematic: Resilient Lacqerous Vest, 25% Schematic: Mercenary Elite Boots
A Winning Hand137500:04:194Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 4 Blue
A Winning Hand (crit)137500:04:194Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 4 Purple
Banned Beasts137500:04:194Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 4 Blue
Banned Beasts (crit)137500:04:194Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 4 Purple
Ransom Demands137500:04:194Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 4 Blue
Ransom Demands (crit)137500:04:194Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 4 Purple
A Simple Job125000:02:124Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Titanium
A Simple Job (crit)125000:02:124Underworld MetalsModerate2-4 Titanium
Access Allowed125000:02:124Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Titanium
Access Allowed (crit)125000:02:124Underworld MetalsModerate3-4 Titanium
Back-alley Bartering159000:02:124Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Titanium
Back-alley Bartering (crit)159000:02:124Underworld MetalsAbundant4-5 Titanium, 50% Schematic: Sorcerer Adept Boots
Quick Exit159000:02:124Underworld MetalsAbundant2-3 Titanium
Quick Exit (crit)159000:02:124Underworld MetalsAbundant3-5 Titanium
Too Hot to Handle196000:04:194Underworld MetalsBountiful3-6 Titanium
Too Hot to Handle (crit)196000:04:194Underworld MetalsBountiful5-6 Titanium, 2 Neuranium, 33% Schematic: Resilient Lacqerous Headgear, 33% Schematic: Ablative Resinite Boots
Political Favors236000:04:194Underworld MetalsRich6-7 Titanium
Political Favors (crit)236000:04:194Underworld MetalsRich7-8 Titanium, 3 Neuranium, 50% Schematic: Fortified Phobium Headgear, 50% Schematic: Ablative Resinite Boots
Shady Science236000:04:194Underworld MetalsRich4-6 Titanium
Shady Science (crit)236000:04:194Underworld MetalsRich7 Titanium, 3 Neuranium, 50% Schematic: Reinforced Phobium Headgear
Mystery Ordnance125000:02:124Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Septsilk
Mystery Ordnance (crit)125000:02:124Luxury FabricsModerate3 Septsilk
Spice Inflation125000:02:124Luxury FabricsModerate1 Septsilk
Spice Inflation (crit)125000:02:124Luxury FabricsModerate2 Septsilk
A Tiny Cut159000:02:124Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Septsilk
A Tiny Cut (crit)159000:02:124Luxury FabricsAbundant4 Septsilk
Working the Market159000:02:124Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Septsilk
Working the Market (crit)159000:02:124Luxury FabricsAbundant4-6 Septsilk
Overpossessive196000:04:194Luxury FabricsBountiful3-5 Septsilk
Overpossessive (crit)196000:04:194Luxury FabricsBountiful5-6 Septsilk, 2 Rodian Flame Silk, 33% Schematic: Resilient Lacqerous Headgear
Double Exposure236000:04:194Luxury FabricsRich4-7 Septsilk
Double Exposure (crit)236000:04:194Luxury FabricsRich6-7 Septsilk, 3 Rodian Flame Silk, 50% Schematic: Resilient Lacqerous Vest
Unauthorized R & R236000:04:194Luxury FabricsRich5-7 Septsilk
Unauthorized R & R (crit)236000:04:194Luxury FabricsRich6-9 Septsilk, 3 Rodian Flame Silk, 33% Schematic: Fortified Phobium Chestguard, 33% Schematic: Reinforced Phobium Handgear
Denied379600:07:035?Wealthy9-12 Vine-silk, 9-12 Quadranium, 4 Promethium, 4 Saava Silk, 1 Gift Rank 5 Purple, 14% Schematic: Diatium Onslaught Helmet, 14% Schematic: Peacekeeper Elite Chestguard, 14% Schematic: Traditional Brocart Lower Robe, 14% Schematic: Commando Elite Chestguard, 14% Schematic: Fortified Electrum Boots
Denied (crit)379600:07:035?Wealthy~TBA
Winning Ace379600:07:035?Wealthy10-12 Vine-silk, 8-10 Quadranium, 4 Promethium, 4 Saava Silk, 1 Gift Rank 5 Purple, 25% Schematic: Diatium Onslaught Greaves, 25% Schematic: Commando Elite Chestguard, 25% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Boots
Winning Ace (crit)379600:07:035?Wealthy10-12 Quadranium, 9-12 Vine-silk, 4-6 Promethium, 4-6 Saava Silk, 1 Gift Rank 5 Purple, 33% Schematic: Consular Adept Vestments, 33% Schematic: Sorcerer Adept Lower Robe, 33% Schematic: Traditional Brocart Sash
Costly Justice165000:04:585Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 5 Blue
Costly Justice (crit)165000:04:585Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 5 Purple
Secret Vices165000:04:585Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 5 Blue
Secret Vices (crit)165000:04:585Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 5 Purple
Uplifting Spirits165000:04:585Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 5 Blue
Uplifting Spirits (crit)165000:04:585Companion Gifts1 Gift Rank 5 Purple
A New Home157500:02:325Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Quadranium
A New Home (crit)157500:02:325Underworld MetalsModerate2-3 Quadranium, 33% Schematic: Warlord Elite Greaves
Military Takeover157500:02:325Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Quadranium
Military Takeover (crit)157500:02:325Underworld MetalsModerate3-4 Quadranium
Passing On the Business195000:02:325Underworld MetalsAbundant3-4 Quadranium
Passing On the Business (crit)195000:02:325Underworld MetalsAbundant4-5 Quadranium
Ancient Armament234600:04:585Underworld MetalsBountiful3-6 Quadranium
Ancient Armament (crit)234600:04:585Underworld MetalsBountiful6-7 Quadranium, 2 Promethium, 50% Schematic: Commando Elite Belt
Feeding the People234600:04:585Underworld MetalsBountiful3-6 Quadranium
Feeding the People (crit)234600:04:585Underworld MetalsBountiful6-7 Quadranium, 2 Promethium
Blockade Run276000:04:585Underworld MetalsRich5-7 Quadranium
Blockade Run (crit)276000:04:585Underworld MetalsRich6-9 Quadranium, 3 Promethium, 16% Schematic: Mercenary Elite Chestguard, 16% Schematic: Traditional Brocart Headgear, 16% Schematic: Gunslinger Elite Leggings
Cherished Momento276000:04:585Underworld MetalsRich5-8 Quadranium
Cherished Momento (crit)276000:04:585Underworld MetalsRich6-9 Quadranium, 3 Promethium, 25% Schematic: Reinforced Diatium Chestguard, 25% Schematic: Sorcerer Adept Gloves
Experimental Joyride157500:02:325Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Vine-silk
Experimental Joyride (crit)157500:02:325Luxury FabricsModerate4 Vine-silk
Silencing the Snitch157500:02:325Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Vine-silk
Silencing the Snitch (crit)157500:02:325Luxury FabricsModerate2-3 Vine-silk
Overdue195000:02:325Luxury FabricsAbundant2-3 Vine-silk
Overdue (crit)195000:02:325Luxury FabricsAbundant4-5 Vine-silk, 50% Schematic: Traditional Brocart Gloves
Arbitration234600:04:585Luxury FabricsBountiful4-5 Vine-silk
Arbitration (crit)234600:04:585Luxury FabricsBountiful4-5 Vine-silk, 2 Saava Silk, 33% Schematic: Diatium Onslaught Gauntlets, 33% Schematic: Sentinel Elite Vest, 33% Schematic: Polyplast Battle Leggings
Hide in Plain Sight234600:04:585Luxury FabricsBountiful3-5 Vine-silk
Hide in Plain Sight (crit)234600:04:585Luxury FabricsBountiful7 Vine-silk, 2 Saava Silk
For the Troops276000:04:585Luxury FabricsRich4-6 Vine-silk
For the Troops (crit)276000:04:585Luxury FabricsRich7-8 Vine-silk, 3 Saava Silk, 50% Schematic: Mercenary Elite Chestguard
Shakedown276000:04:585Luxury FabricsRich6-8 Vine-silk
Shakedown (crit)276000:04:585Luxury FabricsRich6-8 Vine-silk, 3 Saava Silk, 50% Schematic: Polyplast Battle Leggings
Hijack434600:08:426?Wealthy10-12 Ciridium, 9-12 Nanosilk, 4 Mandalorian Iron, 4 Denebrillan Silk, 2 Gift Rank 5 Purple, 50% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Gloves, 25% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Headgear
Hijack (crit)434600:08:426?Wealthy11-13 Nanosilk, 10-12 Ciridium, 6 Mandalorian Iron, 6 Denebrillan Silk, 2 Gift Rank 5 Purple, 50% Schematic: Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Bracers, 50% Schematic: Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Gloves
Intellectual Property434600:08:426?Wealthy~TBA
Intellectual Property (crit)434600:08:426?Wealthy10-13 Ciridium, 10-13 Nanosilk, 6 Mandalorian Iron, 6 Denebrillan Silk, 2 Gift Rank 5 Purple, 50% Schematic: Polyplast Ultramesh Jacket, 50% Schematic: Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Headgear
Assemble Your Team182500:03:076Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Ciridium
Assemble Your Team (crit)182500:03:076Underworld MetalsModerate2-4 Ciridium
No Redeeming Value182500:03:076Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Ciridium
No Redeeming Value (crit)182500:03:076Underworld MetalsModerate2-3 Ciridium
A Volatile Gift225000:03:076Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Ciridium
A Volatile Gift (crit)225000:03:076Underworld MetalsAbundant3-5 Ciridium
Well-Earned Rest225000:03:076Underworld MetalsAbundant3 Ciridium
Well-Earned Rest (crit)225000:03:076Underworld MetalsAbundant3-4 Ciridium
Irreplaceable Parts316000:06:096Underworld MetalsRich5-7 Ciridium
Irreplaceable Parts (crit)316000:06:096Underworld MetalsRich6-8 Ciridium, 3 Mandalorian Iron, 33% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Leggings
Planting the Seeds316000:06:096Underworld MetalsRich5-6 Ciridium
Planting the Seeds (crit)316000:06:096Underworld MetalsRich7-9 Ciridium, 3 Mandalorian Iron, 25% Schematic: Polyplast Ultramesh Headgear
Breaking In182500:03:076Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Nanosilk
Breaking In (crit)182500:03:076Luxury FabricsModerate2-4 Nanosilk
Desperation182500:03:076Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Nanosilk
Desperation (crit)182500:03:076Luxury FabricsModerate2-3 Nanosilk
Meds for Vets225000:03:076Luxury FabricsAbundant2-3 Nanosilk
Meds for Vets (crit)225000:03:076Luxury FabricsAbundant4-5 Nanosilk, 25% Schematic: Fortified Electrum Handgear, 25% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Headgear
The Sinews of War225000:03:076Luxury FabricsAbundant2-3 Nanosilk
The Sinews of War (crit)225000:03:076Luxury FabricsAbundant3-5 Nanosilk, 12% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Leggings
An Unhealthy Loan269600:06:096Luxury FabricsBountiful4-5 Nanosilk
An Unhealthy Loan (crit)269600:06:096Luxury FabricsBountiful6-7 Nanosilk, 2 Denebrillan Silk, 12% Schematic: Electrum Onslaught Chestguard, 12% Schematic: Fortified Electrum Chestguard
Stolen Plans269600:06:096Luxury FabricsBountiful5-6 Nanosilk
Stolen Plans (crit)269600:06:096Luxury FabricsBountiful6 Nanosilk, 2 Denebrillan Silk, 33% Schematic: Fortified Electrum Chestguard, 33% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Vest
Match Fixing316000:06:096Luxury FabricsRich5-8 Nanosilk
Match Fixing (crit)316000:06:096Luxury FabricsRich7-8 Nanosilk, 3 Denebrillan Silk, 25% Schematic: Polyplast Ultramesh Jacket, 25% Schematic: Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Lower Robe, 25% Schematic: Fortified Electrum Chestguard
Table Talk316000:06:096Luxury FabricsRich5-7 Nanosilk
Table Talk (crit)316000:06:096Luxury FabricsRich7-8 Nanosilk, 3 Denebrillan Silk, 14% Schematic: Resilient Polyplast Leggings, 14% Schematic: Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Gloves, 14% Schematic: Electrum Onslaught Gauntlets, 14% Schematic: Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Headgear, 14% Schematic: Polyplast Ultramesh Headgear
A Culinary Caution207500:03:337Underworld MetalsModerate~1-2 Frasium
A Culinary Caution (crit)207500:03:337Underworld MetalsModerate~2-4 Frasium
Change of Address255000:03:337Underworld MetalsAbundant~2-4 Frasium
Change of Address (crit)255000:03:337Underworld MetalsAbundant~3-6 Frasium
Illicit Indulgences255000:03:337Underworld MetalsAbundant~2-4 Frasium
Illicit Indulgences (crit)255000:03:337Underworld MetalsAbundant~3-6 Frasium
Buying Amends304600:07:017Underworld MetalsBountiful~3-6 Frasium
Buying Amends (crit)304600:07:017Underworld MetalsBountiful~4-8 Frasium, 2 Beryllius
Everything Must Go304600:07:017Underworld MetalsBountiful~3-6 Frasium
Everything Must Go (crit)304600:07:017Underworld MetalsBountiful~4-8 Frasium, 2 Beryllius
Secret Recipe356000:07:017Underworld MetalsRich~4-8 Frasium
Secret Recipe (crit)356000:07:017Underworld MetalsRich~5-9 Frasium, 3 Beryllius
Closet Collector207500:03:337Luxury FabricsModerate~1-2 Hypercloth
Closet Collector (crit)207500:03:337Luxury FabricsModerate~2-4 Hypercloth
Rodian Hunt255000:03:337Luxury FabricsAbundant~2-4 Hypercloth
Rodian Hunt (crit)255000:03:337Luxury FabricsAbundant~3-6 Hypercloth
The New Boss255000:03:337Luxury FabricsAbundant~2-4 Hypercloth
The New Boss (crit)255000:03:337Luxury FabricsAbundant~3-6 Hypercloth
Arkanis Interception304600:07:017Luxury FabricsBountiful~3-6 Hypercloth
Arkanis Interception (crit)304600:07:017Luxury FabricsBountiful~4-8 Hypercloth, 2 Nanite Threaded Cloth
For the Taking304600:07:017Luxury FabricsBountiful~3-6 Hypercloth
For the Taking (crit)304600:07:017Luxury FabricsBountiful6 Hypercloth, 2 Nanite Threaded Cloth, 50% Schematic: TD-21A Dread Scout Gloves
Rich History356000:07:017Luxury FabricsRich6-7 Hypercloth
Rich History (crit)356000:07:017Luxury FabricsRich7-8 Hypercloth, 3 Nanite Threaded Cloth, 50% Schematic: RD-31A Master Striker Gauntlets
Potable Powder Keg232500:04:228Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Trimantium
Potable Powder Keg (crit)232500:04:228Underworld MetalsModerate2-3 Trimantium
Of Art and Suffering285000:04:228Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Trimantium
Of Art and Suffering (crit)285000:04:228Underworld MetalsAbundant6-8 Trimantium, 25% Schematic: Veda Cloth Boots, 25% Schematic: Trimantium Gauntlets
Gold = Good339600:08:388Underworld MetalsBountiful3-6 Trimantium
Gold = Good (crit)339600:08:388Underworld MetalsBountiful5-7 Trimantium, 2 Doonium, 25% Schematic: Veda Cloth Lower Robe
An Unusual Bloom396000:08:388Underworld MetalsRich4-7 Trimantium
An Unusual Bloom (crit)396000:08:388Underworld MetalsRich8-9 Trimantium, 3 Doonium, 33% Schematic: Trimantium Body Armor
A Nautolan's Best Friend232500:04:228Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Veda Cloth
A Nautolan's Best Friend (crit)232500:04:228Luxury FabricsModerate2-4 Veda Cloth
Price Hop285000:04:228Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Veda Cloth
Price Hop (crit)285000:04:228Luxury FabricsAbundant5-8 Veda Cloth, 25% Schematic: Veda Cloth Lower Robe
Pawns of the Dark Side339600:08:388Luxury FabricsBountiful3-5 Veda Cloth
Pawns of the Dark Side (crit)339600:08:388Luxury FabricsBountiful5-6 Veda Cloth, 2 Ottegan Silk, 33% Schematic: Trimantium Bracers
Under Threat of Death396000:08:388Luxury FabricsRich5-7 Veda Cloth
Under Threat of Death (crit)396000:08:388Luxury FabricsRich6-8 Veda Cloth, 3 Ottegan Silk, 25% Schematic: Trimantium Helmet, 25% Schematic: Trimantium Headgear, 25% Schematic: Trimantium Belt
Consolidation599600:13:489?Wealthy10-13 Vandinite, 9-12 Charged Hypercloth, 4 Zakuulan Durasteel, 4 Zakuulan Silk, 1 Gift Rank 5 Purple
Consolidation (crit)599600:13:489?Wealthy11-14 Vandinite, 11-12 Charged Hypercloth, 6 Zakuulan Durasteel, 6 Zakuulan Silk, 2 Gift Rank 5 Purple
Into the Sabacc Pit257500:04:589Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Vandinite
Into the Sabacc Pit (crit)257500:04:589Underworld MetalsModerate2-3 Vandinite
One-Sided Relationship257500:04:589Underworld MetalsModerate1-2 Vandinite
One-Sided Relationship (crit)257500:04:589Underworld MetalsModerate3-4 Vandinite
Behind Imperial Lines315000:04:589Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Vandinite
Behind Imperial Lines (crit)315000:04:589Underworld MetalsAbundant4-5 Vandinite, 25% Schematic: Vectron Scavenger
Incriminating Footage315000:04:589Underworld MetalsAbundant2-4 Vandinite
Incriminating Footage (crit)315000:04:589Underworld MetalsAbundant4-5 Vandinite
Dangerous Merchants374600:09:569Underworld MetalsBountiful3-5 Vandinite, 2 Zakuulan Durasteel, 12% Schematic: Vectron Scavenger
Dangerous Merchants (crit)374600:09:569Underworld MetalsBountiful4-6 Vandinite
Shattering Their Chains374600:09:569Underworld MetalsBountiful4-6 Vandinite, 2 Zakuulan Durasteel
Shattering Their Chains (crit)374600:09:569Underworld MetalsBountiful5-7 Vandinite
A Noble's Ransom436000:09:569Underworld MetalsRich4-7 Vandinite
A Noble's Ransom (crit)436000:09:569Underworld MetalsRich8-9 Vandinite, 3 Zakuulan Durasteel
Stimulating Business436000:09:569Underworld MetalsRich4-7 Vandinite
Stimulating Business (crit)436000:09:569Underworld MetalsRich5-6 Vandinite, 3 Zakuulan Durasteel
Questionable Content257500:04:589Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Charged Hypercloth
Questionable Content (crit)257500:04:589Luxury FabricsModerate2-4 Charged Hypercloth
Tribute257500:04:589Luxury FabricsModerate1-2 Charged Hypercloth
Tribute (crit)257500:04:589Luxury FabricsModerate3 Charged Hypercloth
Exchange Envy315000:04:589Luxury FabricsAbundant2-3 Charged Hypercloth, 20% Schematic: Vectron Archaeologist
Exchange Envy (crit)315000:04:589Luxury FabricsAbundant3-5 Charged Hypercloth
Special Delivery315000:04:589Luxury FabricsAbundant2-4 Charged Hypercloth
Special Delivery (crit)315000:04:589Luxury FabricsAbundant4-5 Charged Hypercloth
Discreet Exit374600:09:569Luxury FabricsBountiful3-5 Charged Hypercloth
Discreet Exit (crit)374600:09:569Luxury FabricsBountiful6-7 Charged Hypercloth, 2 Zakuulan Silk
Gaining Favor374600:09:569Luxury FabricsBountiful3-6 Charged Hypercloth
Gaining Favor (crit)374600:09:569Luxury FabricsBountiful5-8 Charged Hypercloth, 2 Zakuulan Silk
Completing the Collection436000:09:569Luxury FabricsRich5-7 Charged Hypercloth
Completing the Collection (crit)436000:09:569Luxury FabricsRich6-8 Charged Hypercloth, 3 Zakuulan Silk
The Business of Safety436000:09:569Luxury FabricsRich5-8 Charged Hypercloth
The Business of Safety (crit)436000:09:569Luxury FabricsRich7-8 Charged Hypercloth, 3 Zakuulan Silk, 75% Schematic: Vectron Archaeologist

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